As the world continues to grapple with the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries are facing significant skill shortages. The job market has been severely impacted, with numerous skilled workers either out of work or choosing to leave the labour force. This has created a huge challenge for businesses trying to rebuild and recover in the post-COVID era.

You’re a business owner trying to navigate this post-Covid job market. You need to fill skill gaps but the competition for talent is fierce. You have a limited budget and don’t want to hire unnecessary staff. What do you do?

One solution to this problem is the implementation of AI-driven vendor management systems (VMS), which can help employers tap into the hidden workforce and better utilise available resources. An AI-driven VMS like Agency Connect can provide employers with the flexibility and efficiency needed to address skill shortages in various industries.

AI-driven VMS is like a GPS navigation system that helps you find the most efficient route to your destination. In this case, finding the right candidate for the job.

What is the Hidden Workforce?

The term “hidden workforce” refers to individuals who are not actively seeking work but possess skills that could be valuable to employers. A significant part of this group are stay-at-home parents, who may have left the workforce to care for their children but are open to flexible work opportunities that fit within their schedules. By offering more flexibility and reconfiguring work schedules, employers can attract this untapped pool of talent to address ‌skill shortages in their industry. 

In Australia alone, there could be up to 500,000 individuals in this category, representing a significant untapped opportunity.

  • Optimising Work Schedules

You can use an AI-driven VMS like Agency Connect to identify better scheduling options by using advanced algorithms to restructure work rosters. This enables you to provide the necessary flexibility that candidates may be looking for to accommodate the needs of the hidden workforce, such as scheduling shifts between school drop-offs and pick-ups.

  • Seamless Integration with Agency Partners

Apart from optimising work schedules, Agency Connect can automate the process of posting gaps in rosters directly to your agency partners. This allows you to get access to a broader pool of candidates, including the hidden unemployed, and fill staffing gaps quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of an AI-Driven VMS

  • Efficient Resource Allocation

At Agency Connect, we use advanced scheduling algorithms and optimisation techniques to ensure that resources are allocated optimally to meet demand outputs while minimising the need for additional staff.

For example, by using Agency Connect, you can allocate resources efficiently and can avoid overstaffing and its associated costs, such as paying for idle time or overtime.

  • Access to a Broader Pool of Candidates

You’ve got too many projects on hand and too little staff. You’re unable to get the right candidates that can do the job. Choose Agency Connect, as it allows you to tap into a wider and more diverse pool of candidates, including the hidden unemployed, helping to fill staffing gaps quickly and efficiently.

  • Enhanced Flexibility

You have different job requirements and for that; you require candidates who can be flexible to work with you on your schedule. By accommodating various scheduling preferences and constraints, Agency Connect enables you to offer more flexible work arrangements to the candidates, leading to increased job satisfaction, higher retention rates, and leading to an overall better work-life balance.

  • Reduced Administrative Burden

You’re in peak seasons and want to hire staff immediately, but are tired of the hiring and onboarding process taking so long. Agency Connect simplifies it for you by scheduling processes and sharing vacant positions with agency partners automatically, saving employers time and effort spent on manual tasks and allowing them to focus on more strategic initiatives.

  • Enhanced Collaboration and Transparency

If you are looking for transparency between your agency partners and are in search of long-term collaboration, we can do it for you. ‌Agency Connect fosters seamless collaboration between you and your agency partners, which ensures that both parties have access to the same information and can work together efficiently to fill up the staffing needs.


AI-driven vendor management systems, such as Agency Connect, hold the potential to unlock the hidden workforce and address post-Covid skill shortages in many industries. We are like translators that allow you to communicate with a valuable pool of talent. By optimising workforce scheduling and offering greater flexibility, you can tap into this untapped talent while reducing costs, improving productivity, and promoting a more satisfied and engaged workforce.

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