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Unparalleled Collaboration: A Feature-Rich Solution for On-Demand Staffing

Harness the power of AI-driven recruitment through our cutting-edge software features. 
Experience seamless collaboration and efficiency in procuring and providing staff to meet on-demand requirements with Agency Connect’s comprehensive, feature-rich platform. Empower your organization with AI-driven recruitment and advanced software capabilities designed to propel you towards success in the dynamic world of workforce management.

For Employer

Empower Your Choices - Effortless Agency Selection

Effortlessly view profiles of agencies specializing in the type of staff you require and add them to your panel with just a few clicks. With Agency Connect, the power to make informed decisions is in your hands, ensuring you have access to the most suitable partners for your specific staffing needs. Take control and curate your ideal agency panel with ease

Secure Preferential Rates with Ease - Automated Rate Schedules Tailored to Your Needs

Efficiently negotiate preferential rates with Agency Connect’s automated rate schedules, customized according to the awards and positions your organization requires. Our platform streamlines the process of securing competitive rates, ensuring you receive the best value without sacrificing the quality of your staffing solutions. Optimize your financial management and enjoy the benefits of tailored rate schedules with Agency Connect.

Customized Solutions for Diverse Locations

We understand that one size does not fit all. With Agency Connect, effortlessly create staffing requirements tailored to the unique needs of your business across its various locations. Our platform enables you to address the distinct challenges and demands specific to each site, ensuring a comprehensive and adaptable approach to workforce management. Embrace flexibility and optimize your staffing strategy with Agency Connect.

Embrace Automation – Sit Back and Relax

Experience the ease of automation with Agency Connect’s simplified ordering process, streamlined compliance, timesheet management, and invoice receipt. Our platform takes the complexity out of workforce management, allowing you to focus on what truly matters while enjoying a hassle-free experience. Make the most of advanced automation and elevate your organization’s efficiency with Agency Connect.

Theme Personalization – Reflect Your Unique Identity

Let your organization’s distinct identity shine through by customizing your Agency Connect account’s logo, banners, and email content. Maintain brand consistency and showcase your organization’s unique personality as you seamlessly navigate workforce management with our platform. Embrace the power of personalization and create an Agency Connect experience that truly represents your business.

Comprehensive User Management – Empower Your Team

Efficiently integrate your staff into the Agency Connect experience by inviting users to manage worksites, listings, and other crucial procurement activities through your portal. Our user-friendly platform enables seamless collaboration and ensures that your entire team can actively contribute to the success of your organization’s workforce management strategy. Unleash the potential of your team with Agency Connect’s comprehensive user management capabilities.

Tailored Job Listings – Take Control of Your Requirements

Craft customized job listings that accurately represent your unique staffing needs and maintain control over who gets the opportunity to fill them first. With Agency Connect, you have the flexibility to fine-tune job postings, ensuring they align with your organization’s specific demands. Maximize your chances of finding the perfect candidates by leveraging our platform’s tailored job listing capabilities.

Compliance Management – Enjoy Peace of Mind

Rest assured knowing that Agency Connect has you covered when it comes to award interpretation and data privacy regulations. Our platform is designed to help you stay compliant with industry standards and legal requirements at all times. With Agency Connect, you can focus on your core business operations while enjoying the confidence that comes with comprehensive compliance management.

Ratings and Reviews – Informed Decisions Made Simple

Make more informed decisions with Agency Connect’s rating and review system. Evaluate agencies and candidates based on their performance and gain valuable insights into their previous work experiences. Our platform enables you to assess your staffing partners and potential hires effectively, ensuring you collaborate with only the best. Take advantage of Agency Connect’s ratings and reviews to optimize your procurement strategy.

For Recruitment Agencies

Seize Open Opportunities – Growth Awaits

Discover new possibilities for business expansion by accessing job listings for open shifts featuring a variety of roles in your vicinity. Our platform enables you to tap into a wealth of opportunities, helping you grow and adapt to the ever-changing workforce landscape. Embrace the potential that lies ahead with our innovative solution for connecting agencies to open positions.

Streamlined Candidate Management – Master the Art of Coordination

Efficiently oversee your entire team with our platform’s streamlined contractor management capabilities. Effortlessly manage multiple contractors and candidates across different roles and locations, all from a single, user-friendly interface. Take command of your workforce and optimize coordination with our innovative solution designed to simplify the complexities of contractor management.

Personalized Rate Cards – Tailor Your Pricing Strategy

Take charge of your pricing strategy with our platform’s customizable rate card feature. Create personalized rate cards tailored to specific job roles, pipelines, and more before sharing them with employers. Our innovative solution empowers your agency to optimize pricing in line with your unique business goals and market positioning, ensuring a competitive edge in the labour hire landscape.

Mobile Empowerment – Enhance Candidate Experience On-The-Go

Provide your candidates with the convenience and flexibility they desire through our platform’s mobile-enabled features. Empower them to maintain availability, complete inductions, view schedules, and submit timesheets right from their smartphones. With our innovative mobile solution, your candidates can stay connected and engaged, ensuring a seamless experience in managing their work-life balance.

End-to-End Efficiency – From Allocation to Invoicing

Experience the power of a seamless, streamlined workflow with our platform’s comprehensive approach to the entire process – from candidate allocation to timesheet approval and invoice generation. Minimize errors and enhance efficiency through our innovative solution, designed to keep everything contained within a single, unified workflow. Transform your labour hire management with end-to-end efficiency at your fingertips.

Performance Insights & Feedback – Leverage Data for Success

Gain a competitive edge with our platform’s powerful performance insights and feedback features. Rate employers based on your experiences and monitor timesheet feedback to stay informed about potential job extensions for your candidates. Harness the power of data-driven insights to enhance your agency’s performance and drive success in the ever-changing labour hire landscape.

Proactive Candidate Preparation – Safety and Compliance Made Simple

Effortlessly accommodate the unique induction requirements of each employer with our platform’s streamlined approach to candidate preparation. Ensure the safety and compliance of your candidates at every stage of the process, providing them with the necessary knowledge and tools to excel in their roles. Embrace the power of proactive preparation to enhance your agency’s reputation for reliability and professionalism.

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