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Why Choose Agency Connect?

By choosing Agency Connect, employers and agents can confidently navigate the dynamic labour market, foster stronger relationships, and drive success through a platform that caters to their unique needs and challenges. Experience the power of collaboration and innovation with Agency Connect and unlock new opportunities in the world of on-demand labour.

For Employer

Discover Your Ideal On-Demand Candidates​

Are you in pursuit of the perfect candidate to fulfill your on-demand needs? Don’t restrict yourself to a single agency. Agency Connect is the ultimate partner for sourcing top-notch candidates that meet your specific requirements. By choosing from a selection of certified agents, you gain access to an expansive and diverse pool of talent, allowing you to address your staffing needs swiftly and effectively. With Agency Connect, finding the right fit has never been easier.

Maximizing Profitability

While having choices is advantageous, sometimes the costs associated with managing multiple options can outweigh the benefits. However, with Agency Connect, you can enjoy the luxury of choice without the overhead. Our platform brings together a diverse range of agencies, allowing employers to effortlessly compare and negotiate fair rates and terms. By fostering a competitive environment, Agency Connect creates win-win situations for both employers and agencies, ensuring that you can find the ideal talent without compromising on cost efficiency. Embrace the power of choice and elevate your organization’s profitability with Agency Connect.

Ensure Cost Integrity and Streamlined Processes

Agency Connect offers a single platform for timesheet approvals that directly correspond to your staffing schedule. By seamlessly integrating approved timesheets with invoice calculations, we eliminate the need for constant reconciliation of paper timesheets and disconnected rate schedules. Say goodbye to credit notes and overcharging and embrace a unified view of your entire on-demand labour costs, irrespective of the number of agents you collaborate with. Agency Connect simplifies your financial management, ensuring cost integrity and fostering a more efficient approach to handling on-demand labour expenses.

The Multi-Agency Advantage

Facing an overwhelming number of unfilled positions and a constant barrage of emails? Struggling to find the time to manage it all? We understand that no single agency can consistently provide solutions for all your staffing needs. That’s where Agency Connect comes in. Experience the benefits of streamlined collaboration with our all-in-one platform that simplifies the management of multiple agency relationships. With Agency Connect, you can enjoy a unified process and view across all your partnerships, making it easier than ever to stay organized, save time, and focus on what truly matters: finding the right talent for your organization.

Staff Flexibility for a Dynamic Workforce

With Agency Connect, you can put your worries about accessing staff to meet your fluctuating demands to rest. Our platform empowers your business to reduce long-term fixed costs by providing the flexibility to scale your workforce up or down swiftly. Embrace the ever-changing business landscape as an opportunity to outperform your competition. By leveraging Agency Connect’s vast network of talent, you can confidently navigate workforce fluctuations and adapt to the evolving needs of your organization. Seize the advantage and create a dynamic workforce with Agency Connect.

One-Stop Shop for Streamlined Procurement

Experience the convenience of managing the entire procurement process on a single platform with Agency Connect. Effortlessly post requirements and oversee fulfillment from multiple agencies with just a few clicks. Our goal is to simplify your procurement process by reducing administrative tasks, freeing up your valuable time to focus on what truly matters. Let Agency Connect be your one-stop shop for seamless talent acquisition and management, providing an efficient, integrated solution for all your staffing needs.

For Recruitment Agencies

Automated Timesheet Management On-the-Go

No need to wait for desktop access—manage timesheets effortlessly from your mobile devices! With Agency Connect’s automated timesheet management, you can handle timesheetson-the-go, reducing errors in payroll and invoice generation. Embrace the convenience of mobile accessibility and elevate your agency’s efficiency with this streamlined solution tailored for the modern, fast-paced business environment.

Mobility for Candidates and Recruiters (iOS and Android)

Experience seamless management of the entire recruitment process through your mobile device with Agency Connect’s dedicated mobile application. Recruiters can effortlessly manage candidates,Moreover, the Agency Connect App ensures continuous engagement with candidates by providing a platform where they can easily access their schedules, complete timesheets, participate in inductions, and update their availability. Embrace the convenience of mobile technology and elevate your agency’s efficiency and connectivity with Agency Connect. view opportunities, make placements, and oversee candidate schedules – all from the palm of their hand.

Opportunities Delivered Effortlessly

Are you an agency in search of new opportunities but finding it challenging to discover the ideal platform? Look no further. Agency Connect is here to solve your dilemma. Our all-encompassing platform connects you seamlessly with potential clients, streamlining the process of meeting their staffing requirements promptly and effectively. Embrace the growth potential with Agency Connect and effortlessly expand your reach in the labor market.

Select. Allocate. Automate. – Streamlined Placement Management

Looking to break free from the time-consuming process of managing placements? It’s time to automate everything from candidate selection to allocation. Agency Connect enables you to effortlessly match theright candidates with the right attributes and availability to the right clients, ensuring timely and accurate placements. Simplify your agency’s operations and focus on what truly matters – finding the best talent for your clients.

Automated Rate Management and Invoicing for Enhanced Efficiency

Simplify your financial processes with Agency Connect’s automated rate management and invoicing system. Record rate agreements with your clients by employment award, and enjoy seamless invoice generation as soon as the customer approves the timesheet. Experience improved cash flow and increased customer satisfaction as you accurately bill them the first time, every time. Harness the power of automation and elevate your agency’s performance with Agency Connect’s streamlined financial solutions.

Unified Overview of Candidate Commitments

Stay on top of your candidate allocations with ease using Agency Connect’s consolidated view. Our platform provides a comprehensive overview of all your allocated candidates, allowing you to effortlesslyunderstand and manage your commitments. Streamline your operations and enhance your agency’s performance with this all-in-one solution for tracking candidate placements.

Online Inductions for Streamlined Compliance

Ensuring that new candidates acknowledge company policies and procedures, including crucial health and safety measures, is now more important than ever. Embrace this compliance requirement and stay ahead of the competition with Agency Connect’s online induction functionality. Our platform allows for client-specific, online induction processes that help candidates become fully prepared before arriving on-site. Enhance your agency’s reputation for professionalism and commitment to safety by leveraging the benefits of our streamlined, online induction system.

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